An Introduction

I first had the idea for teething bibs almost sixteen years ago before finally deciding to take the leap and start my own company in 2019.  When my oldest, Aidan, was an infant, I loved to dress him in embroidered or monogrammed rompers, many times themed for an occasion.  But when Aidan was teething, I would often cover up his adorable outfit with a bib to keep him dry.  It was so disappointing to have to cover up the cute design or monogram on his chest but I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable or worse, develop a rash, from being wet due to the drooling.  I often thought it would be great if the front of his outfit was waterproof like a bib and could also be easily put on and taken off like a bib.  After many years of this idea being in the back of my mind, I finally decided to apply for a patent.  When it was approved in 2018, I thought "I'm on to something!".

Now that Ace & Bae is up and running, I want the company to focus on three things.  First, I wan to offer a unique idea for keeping drooling babies dry.  The bonus with my teething bibs is that they can be mixed and matched with the outfits.  It's like having several outfits for the price of one!

Second, something that became very clear to me as I was getting started is how so much manufacturing and sourcing comes from overseas.  I am determined that Ace & Bae will use only US suppliers and manufacturers in making our garments.

And finally, you will occasionally see photos of my two sons as well as my nieces and nephew.  I love to show them off!  In fact, that's how I created the name Ace & Bae.  I wanted to include the names of my boys and my nieces and nephew in the company name.  After a lot of long and strange names, I decided to include the first letter of all of their names, Ace for my boys and Bae for my nieces and nephew.  Ace & Bae reflects what's most important to me - family.


Owner, Ace & Bae